시그마 28-45mm f/1.8 DG DN ART 렌즈 공식 출시

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2024-06-04 08:30

Sigma 28-45mm f/1.8 DG DN Art lens for Leica L-mount officially announced

출처 :

The previously rumored Sigma 28-45mm f/1.8 DG DN Art lens for Leica L-mount is now officially announced:

SIGMA 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art full-frame zoom lens. a fast, portable and versatile large aperture zoom lens with the sharpness and and clarity of a prime lens. Thanks to its f1,8 aperture you can produce unprecedented brightness across the zoom range, plus its advance optical performance and quick AF allow for extensive creative options unique to the history of zoom lenses. This lens can generate incredible versatility to still photographers and to full-frame filmmakers.


  • The world’s first full-frame, F1.8 maximum aperture zoom lens
  • Practical & stable inner zoom
  • Consistent close focus
  • Premium build at lighter weight (less than 1 Kg)
  • 18 elements in 15 groups (5 SLD, 3 aspherical elements)
  • High Speed AF
  • HLA (High-response Linear Actuator)
  • Compatible with Lens Aberration Correction^
  • Supports DMF and AF+MF
  • Compatible with AF assist (for Sony E-mount only)
  • Nano Porous Coating
  • Super Multi-Layer Coating
  • Water-and Oil-Repellent Coating (front element)
  • Aperture ring with click switch & ring lock switch

Via PhotoRumors

세계 최초 풀프레임  F1.8 줌이라고 소개되네요.

예상했던대로 큼직한 크기를 자랑하는군요.

시그마 줌렌즈 성능이야 발군일테고..

가격은 프리오더 들어가보니 $1,400 정도로 책정된 것 같습니다.

영상 촬영에 있어서 인기가 많을 듯 싶네요..^^

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  • 2024-06-06 21:24

    대단하군요. SL 24-90 F2.8-4.0 과 비슷한 크기, 무게 같은데요ㅎㅎ

    • 2024-06-07 01:08

      써드파티에서 꾸준히 만들어주는게 반가울 따름이죠^^

  • 2024-06-10 22:17

    기술자가 사장인 다이슨을 떠올리게 합니다. 재미나기도 대단하기도 한 메이커

    • 2024-06-11 09:39

      시그마, 탐론, 삼양 모두 응원해야죠! ^^