라이카 M12 최초의 루머

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2024-05-10 11:25

Breaking: first Leica M12 camera rumors

출처 :

Here are the first Leica M12 camera rumors:

  • The Leica M12 will be 3mm smaller compared to the M11.
  • I am still getting conflicting reports on the viewfinder: we may get a new hybrid viewfinder like the Fuji X100 or maybe even a 100% electronic viewfinder.
  • The ISO dial on the top left could be completely removed.
  • A new dial could be introduced behind the shutter button that can be controlled with the thumb.
  • Large 3.9″ screen on the back (the M11 has a 2.95″ screen).
  • The large screen means also removing most (all?) buttons from the back of the camera – maybe we will get a touchscreen interface similar to the Leica TL:

It seems that this time with the M12, Leica is aiming for a very minimalistic design and trying to reduce the number of mechanical parts used. I think this is also the only way they can further reduce the size and weight of the camera. Keep in mind that those are still very early rumors/reports and the final design may change.

The recently registered Leica camera model 2221 could actually be the M12:

M12 의 루머가 이제 조금씩 나오기 시작하려나 봅니다.

M11 보다 살짝 작아지는 크기에 역시나 뷰파인더에는 변화가 있을지도 모르겠군요.

하이브리드 뷰파인더나 완전한 EVF 나.. 이 부분이 가장 혁신적일 것 같습니다.

좌상단에 ISO 다이얼은 이제 없어지는 모양이고.. 셔터버튼 뒤쪽에 다이얼이 추가되고 LCD 창이 커질 것 같군요.

이제 드디어 뷰파인더에 변화가 오는 걸까요,,?

아직 초기 수준의 루머라서 조금 더 지켜봐야겠지만...ㅎㅎ

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  • 2024-05-14 00:54

    M11은 살포시 건너 뛰는 느낌이군요

    • 2024-05-14 08:48

      M11 유저는 웁니다~~ㅠㅠ 저는 경험해본적없는데 M11-P 에서는 프리징이 꽤나 이슈 같더군요..